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Introductory Blog Post CS-443 & CS-448

Hello Everyone, I'm Derin Sabu, this is my introductory blog post for CS-443 and CS-448. Excited and looking forward to learning new concepts. It won’t be easy, but it is worth it.  Good Luck!


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Sprint 3 Retrospective Here is the Link to the repositories that contains everything we worked on Sprint-3. Backend, Frontend, Event system, and Keycloak. Connect RabbitMQ receive file to DB : Connected the MongoDB database on the received file. Implement Event System components: Implemented RabbitMq components for Event System. Meet with other Event System Teams. : Met with other teams to finalize everything about messages. New TheasPantryReport: The new Theas Pantry Report Create two channels for both teams: Created two channels for both teams on the send and receive files.   For this Sprint, I worked mainly with Austin on the backend components such as implanting the rabbbitMQ, making API, and trying to get out system working. What worked well / did not work well For this sprint, what worked best was that we got our reporting system functioning. We have a system where the Rabbitmq receives the message f